Makasutu Cultural Forest is the result of almost 20 years' hard work by two Englishmen inspired by the beauty of the area.

Makasutu Cultural Forest

James and Lawrence founded Makasutu – meaning ‘sacred forest’ in Mandinka - as both an ecology project and a place for people to come and learn about the local culture and people. Makasutu is a tropical 1000-acre reserve encompassing five different eco-systems, including gallery forest, savannah, mangroves, palm forest and wetland. Wildlife is plentiful with many bird species, monitor lizards, baboons, vervet and red colobus monkeys, and the occasional crocodile and even the odd mongoose can be spotted on the riverbanks...

Makasutu History

Where it all began, and where you can watch local dances, and watch the slow life of the river unfurl... Read more

Excursions & Day Visits

Find out the best ways to explore Makasutu and how best to experience its myriad charms. In The Gambia and fancy a trip to Makasutu? Why not visit for the day and see the place in all its glory? Read more

The Eden Project

Read about the ongoing relationship between Makasutu and the Eden Project - and the Gambia section in one of Eden's tropical biomes. Read more

Exploring further

Wide Open Walls

A new and fascinating art project involving the villages of the wider Balabu region – a must see on any trip to Makasutu. Read more


There are more than 500 species of birds in The Gambia, and generally speaking it’s all so accessible. Makasutu is perfect for birdwatching.


A day on the river is a must for any visit to The Gambia, and the slow meander of a canoe is a great way to get out there.