Things to See and Do

Make the most of your own private guide and explore the river and surrounding forest and grasslands.

Suggested activities for a 7 night stay

Many people opt to visit Mandina Lodges for just 3 or 4 night stays, which is often simply not long enough! Here are our ideas about how to fill your time. Let us to tempt you to join us for a glorious 7 night stay or longer…

Day 1         

On arrival, after a welcoming drink and chat, meet your dedicated guide who will take you to your lodge, explain how everything works and, if there is time, run through the things you might like to do here. You set the agenda and can do as much or as little as you like.

Day 2        

As you are probably not used to the heat if you've come straight from the UK, perhaps an early morning walk after you've had tea or coffee at your lodge.  Maybe meet the baboons. Come back and have breakfast and spend the rest of the day by the pool or perhaps fishing if you are staying on a floating lodge. Keen fishermen are advised to bring their own rods etc. March to May are particularly good times to catch a wide variety of fish, especially as the tide comes in.    

Day 3         

A canoe ride, morning or evening, depending on the tides, to see the oyster ladies, walk through the village, visit a school etc. Have a long lazy lunch and just chill, watching the birds by the river or splashing into the pool to cool off.  You'll be starting to wind down.

Day 4         

Visit Base Camp, the Craft Market or the palm wine tapper with your guide in the morning, swim or sunbathe after lunch and perhaps enjoy the sunset cruise (extra charge) in the evening, coming back just in time for dinner. 

Day 5         

If you want to see more of the country, the guides are familiar with all areas and the wildlife.  Your guide will be happy to accompany you for the whole day, wherever you wish to go, and smooth the path for you whatever you are doing, whether it's birdwatching, visiting the beach areas, doing the Roots tour as an individual rather than as part of a group or just watching the fishing boats come in.  The only extra charge we make is for the taxi and, of course, you would be expected to pay for the guide's lunch, drinks etc. while you are out.

Day 6        

Maybe visit Brikama for the morning to experience a real African market, where you will find few, if any, tourists but will get a feel for everyday life here. Return to Mandina for lunch and relax for the rest of the day or go and see Lawrence's Wide Open Walls project in the villages.

Day 7        

Maybe another canoe ride, morning or evening.  You might want to try to see a crocodile at low tide, or to capture that elusive shot you've been aiming for since you arrived.  Whatever you do, you won't consider your time here wasted.

Obviously, there are lots of different walks through the forest and different creatures to be seen depending on the time of year, but no-one would have trouble filling a week here, unless they want bars, restaurants and nightlife.